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Kathy Jacobs

United States
DOWNEY, California


Kathy is a former member of the RMVP advisory board. She loves helping people re-connect with both MS and other retired MVPs.

In her life outside of the RMVP program, Kathy is a medically retired software tester and social media expert. She is still a geek, a reader, a Phoenix Mercury fan, and a Green Bay Packer fan. Because of her bad knees, bad back, bad allergies, and other health problems she doesn't get around as much as she used to. That's not a problems as she can connect to almost everyone she needs to via her computer!

Kathy is also a writer. She wrote or co-wrote several books on Office. Now, she writes on Medium on a variety of fiction and non-fiction topics.

Professionally , Kathy was responsible for the test efforts and the test team at NationBuilder. She left the company in 2015. She still find bugs in software almost as easily as she breathes.

Before that, Kathy was a professional Social Media Geek. She ran her own consulting firm, Jacobs Training and Consulting.  She loves connecting with people online to help them connect with others, solve problems, and organize their lives.

With over 20 years in the computer and training fields, Kathy has worn many different hats over her professional life. She got into the PowerPoint business while developing training materials for several major companies. She was named a PowerPoint MVP by Microsoft in the Spring of 2003. Later, she became  a OneNote MVP as well.

Kathy is active on Twitter and Facebook, among other places. If you can't find her online, you aren't trying hard enough :)