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Rob Miles

United Kingdom
East Yorkshire


Rob has been writing programs for longer than he can remember, from Algol 60 through Pascal, C and Java to C#. He spent nearly forty years at the University of Hull in the UK, where he taught programming (in C#) and software engineering courses. Now he writes stuff and helps out at a software start-up incubator, and plays with robots.

He is one of the founders of the Connected Humber group which is working in his local community using a project based approach to engage local developers and local groups in using technology to address real world problems. The present focus of the group is the creating of a network of local air quality sensors.

He has a special fondness for writing mobile and Internet of Things applications. And cheese.

He's written a bunch of books on a range of programming topics and will shortly be writing another one. 

He blogs at and allows himself the occasional Tweet at @RobMiles.

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