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Rob Miles

United Kingdom
East Yorkshire


Rob has been writing programs for longer than he can remember, from Algol 60 through Pascal, C and Java to C#. He spent nearly forty years at the University of Hull in the UK, where he taught programming (in C#) and software engineering courses. Now he writes stuff and is the director of Connected Humber CIC a community focused company aiming to spread the word about the Internet of Things. He's using a project based approach to engage local developers and local groups in using technology to address real world problems. The present focus of the company is the creation of ambient computing "appliance he has called Connected Little Boxes".

He has a special fondness for writing mobile and Internet of Things applications. And cheese.

He's written a bunch of books on a range of programming topics. His latest book, "Begin to Code with JavaScript" will be out in autumn 2021. He also writes for magazines including HackSpace and Raspberry Pi MagPi. 

He blogs at and allows himself the occasional Tweet at @RobMiles.

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