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Ian David Griffiths


Ian is a freelance consultant in .NET and other Microsoft technologies. From 1999-2005 he has delivered developer training on COM and then .NET for DevelopMentor. Was a trainer for Pluralsight, and has written and produced several of their online courses. He is now a Technical Fellow at endjin, a consultancy in the UK.

Ian started his software career in the low-level world of assembly language, embedded systems, and device drivers. Since then he has gradually been working his way up to higher levels of abstraction. He has a particular interest in imaging applications, especially digital video and medical imaging.

He has also cowritten four books for O'Reilly, on C# ("Programming C# 8.0"), Windows Presentation Foundation ("Programming WPF", 2 editions so far) Windows Forms ("Windows Forms in a Nutshell"), and Visual Studio .NET ("Mastering Visual Studio .NET").