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Ian David Griffiths


Ian is a freelance consultant in .NET and other Microsoft technologies. From 1999-2005 he has delivered developer training on COM and then .NET for DevelopMentor. He is now a trainer and course author for Pluralsight.

He still does a lot of of plain old software development - after all, what use is consulting and training from someone who doesn't actually use the technology they're supposed to be an expert in?

Ian started his software career in the low-level world of assembly language, embedded systems, and device drivers. Since then he has gradually been working his way up to higher levels of abstraction. He has a particular interest in imaging applications, especially digital video and medical imaging.

He has also cowritten four books for O'Reilly, on C# ("Programming C#, 6th Edition"), Windows Presentation Foundation ("Programming WPF", 2 editions so far) Windows Forms ("Windows Forms in a Nutshell"), and Visual Studio .NET ("Mastering Visual Studio .NET").