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Sheng Jiang

( 蒋晟 )

United States


Graduated from Jilin University with a Math degree, I wrote software for many industries, and a move from China to United States followed by the change from a top ranked CSDN contributor to a MSDN one. One thing remains unchanged, however, is the enthusiasm I have with C++ and native programming.

My journey in C++ and native programming communities is also a long one, from NetEase bbs to QQ chatrooms, from CSDN and Microsoft newsgroups to MSDN forums and StackOverflow, from CSDN column to Joycode blogs, from Twitter to Sina Weibo, I have got in touch with many, many excellent minds and would not be a Microsoft C++ MVP of the year without the knowledge learned from them and passed around. I am glad to hear how the people I helped giving back to the community, some gave back so much that they became Microsoft MVPs themselves. 

I have done software programming for security, remote education, online meeting, medical transcription, insurance verification and most recently open source medical software. Involved technologies include MFC, ADO, SQL Server, Networking, DirectX, Windows Media, .Net Framework, HL7 and BizTalk Server. 

What brought me into programming are the computer games for which I often call WriteProcessMemory to gain advantage against computers, and optimize the memory as much as possible to make the game and the mod run in 640k memory. Nowadays I still occasionally play games.

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