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Miha Markic
Miha currently works as a free lance consultant and software developer specialized in .net area (RightHand,, miha [at] rthand com).
He graduated in Computer and information science at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has accumulated experience in various programming languages such as Java, Visual Basic 3-6 (MCP), Visual C++, Delphi, C# and VB.Net through years. 
He has experience in practically all (technical) stages of project development, including planning, framework development, user interface, business processes, as well as testing and documenting. He has worked on big and small projects in Slovenia and abroad (e.g. participated in completing level 3 IS for the Nucor steel plant, Hertford, USA). 
Currently he enjoys programming in .net environment using C# and is particularly fond of technology. Since 2000 he has been active in Developer Express' DX Squad and has been ECDL trainer and tester. He also gives lectures on conferences and other events in Slovenia.
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