MVP Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: What is the Microsoft MVP Award?
A1: The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award is an annual award given to outstanding members of Microsoft's technical communities based on contributions made during the previous 12 months to offline and online Microsoft-related technical communities.
Q2: Why does the MVP Award exist?
A2: We believe that technical communities foster the free and objective exchange of knowledge, thereby creating a reliable source of independent, real-world expertise that benefits everyone. The Microsoft MVP Award recognizes exceptional technical community leaders worldwide who actively share their knowledge with other technical community members.
Q3: How does Microsoft select its MVPs?
A3: Of 100 million technical community participants worldwide, about 4,000 are MVPs. Outstanding technical community members are nominated by their peers, Microsoft employees, and MVPs. Each year a panel of Microsoft employees reviews the contributions of each nominee for quality, quantity, and level of impact on the technical community. Today's MVPs reflect Microsoft's global customer base and breadth of technologies.
Q4: Are any Microsoft MVPs who are experts in all Microsoft technologies and products?
A4: No. Although many MVPs have in-depth knowledge of more than one product or technology, none of them are experts in all Microsoft technologies or products.
Q5: Do MVPs represent Microsoft?
A5: No. MVPs are not Microsoft employees, nor do they speak on Microsoft's behalf. MVPs are independent third-party individuals who have received an award from Microsoft that recognizes their exceptional achievements in technical communities.
Q6: Do Microsoft MVPs receive any payment from Microsoft?
A6: No. The MVP Award Program does provide a small set of services and other benefits as part of its core program offering, but MVPs do not receive any monetary payment from Microsoft.
Q7: How long does the Microsoft MVP Award last?
A7: The MVP Award lasts for one year. During this time, MVP Award recipients are free to refer to themselves as Microsoft MVPs and to enjoy all of the privileges that are included with the award.
Q8: What does Microsoft expect of its MVPs?
A8: Because MVP status is awarded based on past contributions, Microsoft has no expectations of MVPs beyond the normal expectations of courtesy, professionalism, and adherence to the MVP code of conduct and the community rules that we ask of all Microsoft community members. These rules can be found on the Microsoft Communities Rules of Conduct page.
Q9: How can I become a Microsoft MVP?
A9: Individuals are nominated for the MVP Award by their peers or by Microsoft, based on their contributions during the previous year to offline or online technical communities. Each nominee's contributions are then compared to the other candidates' contributions for the same year to determine who will receive the award.  Nominees are chosen from traditional and emerging community venues, including public forums, newsgroups, third-party Web sites, user groups, event speakers, Web boards, blogs, social media sites, and wikis. Current MVPs reside in more than 90 countries, speak nearly 40 languages, and share their expertise in around 90 Microsoft technologies. To nominate yourself or someone else, please visit Nominate an MVP page.
Q10: Are Microsoft employees eligible to become MVPs?
A10: No, Microsoft employees cannot become MVPs.
Q11: Are there any requirements to be awarded as a Microsoft MVP?
A11: Yes, all Microsoft MVPs must be 18 years or older.
Q12: Why must Microsoft MVPs be 18 years or older?
A12: Microsoft is committed to the safety and privacy of minors. Minors are defined as anyone who is not 18 years or older. To help ensure their safety, the MVP Award Program implemented a policy in 2006 requiring all Microsoft MVPs awardees to affirm that they are 18 years or older.
Q13: Where can I find contact information for Microsoft MVPs?
While you can find a list of the current MVPs who have opted to be included on our awardees page, we do not list contact information for all MVPs due to privacy and security reasons.
Q14: How do I contact the MVP Award Program team?
A14: is the universal contact for the MVP Award Program team. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about MVPs or the MVP Award Program.