Becoming an MVP

Becoming an MVP Page Hero
MVPs are passionate about Microsoft technology and recognized for their exceptional technical expertise, their willingness to help others make the most of their technology, and for making a significant and positive impact on technical communities.
This is no small feat: Of the more than 100 million social and technical community members worldwide, each year only about 3,800 are recognized as MVPs.
MVPs are independent of Microsoft, with separate opinions and perspectives, and are able to represent the views of the community members with whom they engage every day.  Potential MVPs are nominated by other technical community members, current and former MVPs, and Microsoft personnel who have noted their community leadership.
There is no set benchmark for becoming an MVP, in part because it varies by product and product life-cycle. Some of the criteria we evaluate include the impact of a nominee’s contributions to online forums such as Microsoft Answers, TechNet and MSDN; wikis and online content; conferences and user groups; podcasts, Web sites and blogs; and articles and books.
Each nominee's contributions are compared to other candidates' contributions for the same year. Active MVPs receive the same level of scrutiny as new candidates each year.
You can learn more about how to nominate yourself or someone else from Nominate an MVP.