MVP Spotlight

Juno Bae

When did you become active in community and why?
I have been a PowerPoint MVP since 2007. While in charge of the business planning and proposals at a Health care company, I have created numerous business plans and proposals using PowerPoint. I was confident in my PowerPoint skills within the company. However, when I was in a rut over an unsolvable problem, I met other PowerPoint MVPs and learned that there was a whole new world. From that point on, I had a goal to become an MVP. Once I became an MVP, I have been sharing my knowledge like the other MVPs and was able to reach where I am now.
Tell me a little about your professional work.
Currently I am lecturing about PowerPoint & Presentation, Smart work, and Business Documentation to corporations, schools, and other public organizations. Before I became a lecturer, I have worked as a Radiographer at a hospital for 5 years, and was the Project Team Leader at a Health care company for about 10 years. I started lecturing in 2010, and I can say that the experience I learned through being MVP and the various human networks I have has given me a new opportunity.
Has being an MVP changed the way you work in community?
As I have mentioned before, being an MVP has given me a new opportunity. If I hadn't become an MVP, then I wouldn't have been able to meet all the wonderful people or be currently working as a lecturer.
What are you working on in the community right now?
The spirit of MVP is sharing, but the one thing that has changed my life after becoming MVP is also sharing. I learned that the knowledge I gained can be shared throughout society, just like any material and I am happy to be able to do that. What was especially significant to me was that, as part of a knowledge sharing program by social enterprises and NGO that started in 2011, I was able to teach PowerPoint skills to seniors twice a month in 2012. There are no words to express the thrill of being able to see those who had trouble even with clicking the mouse become advanced enough to create Christmas cards with PowerPoint. I started this job to share my knowledge, but I am the one learning much more. I will continue with this kind of knowledge sharing till the day I die.
Do you have a favorite MVP moment?
I believe the biggest benefit of being an MVP is the human networks. I remember the time when I was able to meet the excellent technicians, whom I've only seen through books or internet, in person at the MVP Summit. Also the time when the MVPs had to prepare and host the Korean MVP Open Day in 2012 with So Young Lee MVP Lead being the center is something I will not forget. I really enjoyed sharing thoughts and having conversations with other MVPs of different areas at the Korean MVP Open Day. It was nice to see the MVPs staying positive, taking pride in what they do, and doing their best. I am proud to say that I myself am one of those MVPs as well.