MVP Spotlight

Hiroyuki Kawai

Mr. Hiroyuki Kawai started to regularly use PowerPoint when he changed his title to "Planner" in 2001. He had no choice because he had increased opportunities to use PowerPoint for interacting with his clients. But it did not take him long before he started to like PowerPoint. Because he noticed that he can create sufficiently beautiful planning documents with PowerPoint. Since then, he has been leveraging PowerPoint under a motto, "use it as I like".
In 2008, Kawai started Presentainment(R), a PowerPoint slide production service for companies. When he founded this company, it was questioned whether there were any companies who would pay for the outsourcing of PowerPoint slide creation. As it turned out, many orders arrived from major companies. "I realized that many people were having trouble with it. I wanted to create easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, interesting and comprehensible slides!" Mr. Kawai says.
Kawai’s contributions include an ongoing energy for popularizing and communicating how to "attractively" use PowerPoint through publications, seminars, blog and SNS. He said he wanted many people to be surprised at the variety of things PowerPoint can cover and continues to find the possibilities of PowerPoint as a communication tool and to share these opportunities with users.
It was in January 2011 while he was making such an effort when he was awarded Microsoft MVP for PowerPoint. Kawai recalls with a smile, "When I was referred to as an MVP in an introductory sentence about me in publications and seminars, I felt like I rose in rank."
In the third year for the service, he says he has been having one success after another as he’s had more participants in seminars, publications have become easier, orders have increased and so on. His especially favorite moment as an MVP is at MVP Open Day, an annual exclusive event for MVPs. He says he can always meet with splendid friends there and such a meeting leads to an increase in awareness and motivation as an MVP and better activities.
"The best thing I have had as an MVP is encounters with other MVPs who can inspire each other. At the end of last year, I organized a joint seminar with three MVPs. It was what I was able to realize because I became an MVP. If I had not been selected as an MVP, I must have only been diligently polishing my maniac PowerPoint techniques alone. But since I became an MVP and meeting other MVPs, I started to strongly think that 'I want to diffuse more useful ways to use PowerPoint for many people'. I thank the MVP title, because it has inspired me to be a person wanting to share and do for others in the world instead of a 'pure mania'", he says.
Currently, he is involved in PowerPoint slide production for various purposes including exhibitions, career open house, press releases for new products as well as IR, anniversary celebrations, sales and so on. Mr. Kawai concludes, "I was awarded an MVP title for PowerPoint, but I do not think it is a goal as other MVPs think. Rather, I think that I have more things I can change because I am an MVP. I would like to enhance PowerPoint as an 'extreme art tool' and, at the same time, a 'tool which allows beginners to do fun presentations'". He says enthusiastically about his target, "both of them are difficult to achieve, but I would like the challenges that come with my MVP title".