MVP Spotlight

Aymeric Weinbach

Microsoft Azure
After many years spent developing high traffic web projects, something that was always frustrating for me. The first task consisted of developing an infrastructure that was able to cope with the demand, which is particulary time-consuming and costly, and slows up the progress of the project. It was through a Microsoft evangelist that I discovered "Microsoft Azure", which was still in its initial beta phase at the time. I thought it was just fantastic, and I wanted to be one of the first to perfectly master this technology. I created the website to share my passion. I also launched the Azure community and organized the first Azure Camps in France, with the help of Microsoft evangelists. The idea was to have "practical" events, to code an application together in one evening. 
I particularly enjoy giving technical sessions and organizing events, because it allows me to meet lots of people who share my interests. I always try to make my sessions original and share my current ideas. I think it's important to share your ideas – and your code, for that matter.
As a result of sharing my passion, I received an MVP Award in the beginning of October 2011, which was renewed in 2012.
The best compliment I've ever gotten was when people entrusted their projects to me after seeing me at a conference or event.
In general, I'm interested in any sort of development technologies, as well as the Cloud, Windows Phone and Windows 8. I'm always passionate about new technologies, and at the moment, aside from Microsoft Azure, I'm also interested in robotics and 3D printing.
The advice I would give to anyone who wants to become an MVP is to share their passion and to participate in events – by sharing their knowledge, they will inevitably be rewarded.