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Daron Yondem
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Daron Yondem

Microsoft Azure
Daron started his way in the community writing his first ASP.NET AJAX book, an 800 pages long AJAX Bible. He started hosting sessions all around Turkey trying to spread the word about AJAX libraries and ASP.NET’s approach to it. He wrote articles on MSDN Magazine, PC World, PC Net Magazine. In addition, he received his first MVP award as an ASP.NET MVP in 2008. The same year, he was given the leadership role in INETA Turkey and served as INETA Turkey Lead for three years. During his leadership, he hosted more than 1500 session all around the country. Daron did not stop within Turkey and extended his reach within other countries in the MEA region hosting sessions about Silverlight, HTML5 in Egypt, Lebanon, Dubai, Qatar, Beirut, Jordan, Sophia and South Africa. He spoke at international conferences including TechEd Middle-East, TechEd South Africa, MSDays Bulgaria, DevReach, Microsoft OpenDoor and PDC.  
In 2009 Daron received “Microsoft Regional Director” title and was given “Gold Global Impact Award” for three consecutive years. In 2010, he was awarded as a Silverlight MVP and kept that competency for another year. Meanwhile, he took the INETA Middle-East and Africa President role in 2011 and managed 144 user groups all around the region.
During the years with the MEA community, Daron wrote three technical books in English and two books in Turkish about IE and HTML5, including a book published collaboratively by 15 MVPs all around the world from Wrox Publishing.
The birth of Microsoft Azure was just another milestone where Daron could has used his back-end experiences to the community. He hosted Azure Camps in Turkey and has been the only speaker for a Middle-East Azure Roadshow. Following his work with Azure, Daron once again was re-awarded as a Microsoft Azure in 2012 and his award is renewed for 2013 as well.
Daron has not stop his client side development works and received the “Nokia Developer Champion” award by Nokia in 2012 and 2013. His favorite topics nowadays are Microsoft Azure Mobile Services and Windows Phone.
Daron works as a CTO in XOMNI,  an omni-channel cloud company providing cloud services in retail and hospitality industries running on Microsoft Azure.
Lately, he has started a PodCast site called along with his developer MVP peers in Turkey on technology news and holds interviews with community members across various platforms. He continues to write blog posts in his Turkish blog, hosting volunteer seminars in universities and in the community both as a trainer and speaker.