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Masaki Nishioka
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Masaki Nishioka

SharePoint Server
Masaki Nishioka (MVP for SharePoint Server) started his real community activities when he established a company specializing in SharePoint Server in October, 2010. "I had been committed to creating and expanding the SharePoint market and had many community activity experiences. After I established the company, my objective for the activities has developed to include advertising the power of SharePoint Server to improve business, not just to expand the SharePoint Server market," he says.
He is currently working on upstream stages of the development of SharePoint Server-based package software and projects mainly for large sized business. Also, he is working as a consultant to advise how to utilize SharePoint Server and construct systems, and how to utilize SharePoint Online. He is not a simple "consultant"; his work includes business consulting to promote utilization after the system is constructed and to troubleshooting. He is sometimes called an "all-round SharePoint" person who provides various supports in all stages of construction and development.
Nishioka once was a Microsoft employee. Today, as an MVP, he provides balanced feedback of the product, and explores ways of utilizing it. "I am always trying to find a way for SharePoint to be a great choice for everyone. You might call it a love to the product. I feel that my passion for SharePoint Server/SharePoint Online has grown up. Also, communication with other MVPs has become more active after I received the MVP. Other MVPs of SharePoint Server and Office 365 are precious friends who can talk and drink over SharePoint (though I am a nondrinker)," says Nishioka with great passion for SharePoint.
Nishioka, who frequently, both in business and private, talks with vendor and client users of SharePoint, often hears that there are not enough reference materials for SharePoint. In response to these comments, Nishioka thought "SharePoint is actually a product with exceptionally rich reference materials compared with other enterprise products, though not very rich if compared with Windows or Office products. This fact is not well known to users." So he established a site to aggregate and advertise information relating to SharePoint Server, SharePoint 2013 community site by himself. This site itself is constructed and operated using SharePoint Server 2013. In addition to providing information through these community sites and blogs, he is currently working mainly on supporting and evangelizing new technologies around SharePoint including the Apps for the SharePoint development contest. Also, he is appearing in events like the SharePoint User Conference, writing a book (with the Japanese title "Easy introduction to SharePoint Server 2013"), and providing information to clients and partners who want to leverage SharePoint more.
There is an MVP logo on his business card. He says that when a client or partner notices it, he recognizes his internal passion. Also, he feels the precious value of  being an MVP when he is given a special license or privilege as an MVP in international events, has opportunities to make a new friends with international MVPs, and more.  
As an MVP of SharePoint Server, this Nishioka’s message:
"SharePoint Server has become a very mature product with the release of 2013. There are many features which cover very wide situations. I have to admit that this versatile product might make many beginners of SharePoint Server tired. While this is not an easy product, many MVPs including myself are trying to make the environment easier through various activities. It has great potential which can be sensed once you touch it. Please do try to use it and step into the world of SharePoint. I expect the next MVP will appear from these new users. I believe that IT is a field where everyone can join discussions despite their personal attributes or age. Though I am not young any more, I would like to maintain my mental youth and keep communicating with those who newly get interested in SharePoint to search for better usage."