MVP Spotlight

Andreas Erle

Windows Phone Consumer
Andreas Erle has been actively engaged in community since early 2000. The Compaq iPAQ 3630 was the first device with a Pocket PC 2000 and the revolutionary StrongARM processor, but unfortunately back than it was a whole new platform that was still unknown and little information was available.
Andreas started to search for Answers and Information in the World Wide Web. And according to Andreas, one who seeks information should also give back to the community. That is when Andreas started his “
World of PPC” (back than “World of i”, because of iPAQ).

In his professional life Andreas has little contact with mobile devices: working for a medium-sized company he is responsible for security and privacy also including evaluations of mobile device management solutions, BYOD (bring your own device) etc. "Of course I am often asked about app platforms, functions, or the purchase of a new mobile device", says Andreas.
Andreas is a recognized book author who is also publishing articles online and offline in print magazines. His favorite topic is anything related to mobile devices and their use in private as well as professional environments.

Andreas can hardly imagine that one engages in Community only in order to receive the MVP Award. He agrees that it is an amazing recognition that is motivating him to be even more precise and productive.
He appreciates the incredible networking possibilities the MVP Award offers.
"In the past, when I was searching for an answer to a cross-cutting issue, I have been feverishly looking into each and every peripheral topic to get the information needed. Today I just pose that kind of questions to my MVP colleagues. Within a very short time every aspect of the problem is fully illuminated. And that's what makes the MVP community so special: the focus on solutions instead of self-expression."
Microsoft Community is where Andreas’ activities are mainly focusing on. Andreas is passionately sharing his knowledge in forums and wikis. Since Nokia has entered the Windows Phone market with its Lumias, the number of users and hence the questions have increased tremendously. That is why you will find the most frequently asked questions immediately answered in a wiki article by Andreas or blog site post on his Website World of PPC. Thanks to Andreas commitment answers are easily to find!
Andreas shared two of his favorite moments since he was awarded MVP with us: “First time attending the MVP Global Summit, seeing all these faces matching the well-known names from the forums for the first time. And recognizing, that these folks are not only incredible technical experts, but also very cool guys.”
At an IT Security Congress, Andreas was invited to a beer by a participant that had asked him: “You are Andreas Erle? The Guy from MS Answers? Man, you helped me so many times before! Community rocks!”