MVP Spotlight

Walter Wong

Developer Security
Walter has been awarded as MVP since 2008 and this year is his 6th year as developer security MVP. He is the Cofounder for Gain Secure ( and Winprovise ( which based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His job scope requires him to involve in technical, R&D and partially marketing tasks.
Walter first participated in community in order to looking for solution when facing technical challenges, he found out one useful post in Malaysia Independence Developer (MIND) user group. Since then, he started actively involved in community discussion.
Research on application development security is one of Walter's personal interests. Come from a one of the busiest capital of the world, he faces a lot of traffic issues daily. There are some application available for drivers but very little in Microsoft platform. By looking into the opportunity, he decided to develop an application known as Rush Hour to serve the Windows users. A part from solving the main issue, it is committed to users that it is strongly integrated with Facebook and respect user’s data privacy in terms of the data were collected. Rush Hour should provide an update soon for users which is more fun and socially connected. 
Walter mentioned, “With today’s challenges of developing multiple platforms, the best way for developer to practice is get the software development foundation right. Once one has the software development foundation (such as OOP and Data Structure) knowledge, the next challenge for them is to pick up any framework for each platforms. “
Also he would like to advise software developer to look into Secure Development Lifecycle because security is the foundation for all software one developed. 
 Being 6 years into the program, Walter met a lot of people including other MVPs from different countries, connected with certain products group in Microsoft, opportunity of presentation to other developers in the region and many exciting activities. The most amazing experience he had is learn from various team and able to share his learning with other developers. 
 Walter always has great ideas about developing new community activities. His main idea is that “Learn from Community, Contribute to Community. Learn, Share and Enjoy the Experience “which contributes him an active contributor.