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Antonio Sánchez
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Antonio Sánchez

Antonio started contributing to the Xbox community in 2005 when he created the CommunidadXbox.Com online community that offers a news, preview and information section as well as online forums around Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The site was launch when the Xbox 360 was released in order to offer a place for Xbox enthusiasts to meet and has become one of the most popular sites for video game lovers in Spanish language getting some 400,000 unique visitors a year and 125,000 registered members at the site’s forums. Antonio is very satisfied with the evolution of this community over time – “The idea came out when I was still at University studying Computer Science. I had some spare time that I wanted to devote to a project that could match my two passions: IT and videogame. At this point in time it was not easy to find the latest information on the topic and especially not specifically related to Xbox”, he said.  
Antonio works as member of the management board of 3 different companies in the IT – sector addressing small & medium size customers where he coordinates the software product and application development team.  
He is fully committed to his Xbox community where he publishes some of the news, articles, game analysis and previews and maintains a weekly podcast section that keeps the community updated and gives the opportunity to its listeners to follow interesting conversations. He also produces the XboxTV weekly videos available through YouTube. He is also very active in the social media channel associated to his online community. “We have a great community” – he said – “Creating all these content would not be possible without the time and effort of many other community members. Their passion and dedication make our community a great place”.   
Antonio feels really happy about having received the MVP Award. It was a big surprise for him when he received the first award communication in 2012 and in 2013 again. He thinks that the prize has been given to his MVP community more than to himself. “I feel honored and privileged but I also think that the prize has been given to our online community more than to myself”.