MVP Spotlight

Martina Niebuhr

In February 2003, Martina Niebuhr signed up for the Xbox LIVE Service with her Gamertag “Mullekatze.” She had so much fun while playing with other gamers that she felt the need to share this experience with as many people as possible. Early 2006 she founded an Xbox Live Forum as a home for the Xbox Live Community. She also developed a website for Xbox Live clans to contact each other and a tournament system to organize Xbox LIVE Events and Tournaments.
After several years the idea of a forum did not work anymore. People were not interested in reading long texts or writing them or participating in detailed game-discussions. Why adapt an editor´s writing when you can publish your own opinion about a game?
Technically skilled or not and equipped with the right soft- and hardware, nowadays everyone is able to create a “Let´s play” and put it on their own YouTube Channel. Just put the best, worst or funniest scenes together in a video and publish it.
Twitch, the biggest Live Streaming Platform for videogames, works completely differently. “Before, you needed a strong internet connection and specialized hard- and software for using it. But Xbox One changed everything. With the integrated Twitch App it is incredible easy to stream gameplay live. When you connect the Xbox One with the Twitch Service, you are ready to show the world your gameplay.” Martina explained.
Martina was very excited about the partnership between Xbox One and Twitch. She has her own YouTube Channel for her favorite game series “Resident Evil.” She also made some live streams on Twitch. By using both platforms, she learned in a direct comparison how big the difference between these platforms is.
“You cannot cut the worst and put the best scenes together in a live stream. The audience is with you in that very moment. You are getting their comments in a chat. They feel with you. They admire you. They troll you. They say that you are a boring gamer. Anything is possible during your live stream, but that is big fun!” Martina said enthusiastically.
Today there is a tremendous amount of gamers on YouTube and Twitch. It is nearly impossible to have an overview about what they have published and when. That is why Martina started developing her new project. A program magazine for gamers: TV Gaming. Selected Xbox Gamers will be presented in a weekly preview. That way it is possible to know who will either stream live on Twitch or publish a video on YouTube. And even more important: when they will play.
In her “real” life Martina works as a banker. She has some colleagues who are dedicated gamers too. Sometimes and offhanded, after placing an order at the stock exchange for instance, they´ll discuss games and videos, like the new Call of Duty.
Martina is often very amused about the fact that most people would not guess she is an expert in Xbox. When somebody asked her how she got the MVP Award, she answered humorously: “All I have to do is play awesome Xbox games all day long.” But when she noticed that this answer was taken seriously, she made clear that she passionately intends to provide every Xbox Gamer with the best possible experience. That is what Martina is doing for the community and what her projects are developed for. For her amazing commitment Martina has, by now, been awarded eight times in a row with the Xbox MVP Award.