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Nori Fox

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For Xbox MVP Nori Fox, gaming is personal. Although she’s been playing since Pong, she saw the potential gaming has of connecting people when she watched her oldest son making friends around the world on Xbox. Nori decided it made sense to create tournaments, bringing together a global community, often to raise funds and awareness of worthy causes.
“My focus as an MVP is through the lens of a parent,” she explained. She shares her autistic son’s Xbox experience in this video.
Over the years, her passion has focused on helping families be aware of what’s out there in the gaming world—the potential for building strong relationships, as well the resources for protecting kids.
“There are lots of opportunities to communicate in gaming—many parents don’t understand that. They also don’t know there are many safeguards built in that they can take advantage of.”
“Grandparents can talk with their family around the country,” she continued. “With the Kinect, you can have a screen up and connect up to eight people. You can have a birthday party. It can be such a positive thing for families—to connect and play together.”
The tournaments became complicated with potentially thousands of participants across multiple time zones. Nori migrated her efforts towards creating community playdates, which are sponsored by developers and gamer communities. On Veteran’s Day, she helped create a playdate with hundreds of gamers connecting with servicemen and women. “It was so fun for everybody! We got to interact and learn what’s happening in the lives of service people,” she said.
Nori often goes to community centers and churches toting all her Xbox gear and organizes big family game nights. She sets up the system and then lets the participants drive the action. “We get little kids, teenagers, grandparents all together and having a blast.”
Nori has served as a moderator on Xbox forums for six years and is an Ambassador, helping new people learn how to play. One of her favorite parts of her gaming journey has been connecting with fellow Xbox MVPs. “I’m very family-focused, and the MVP community has become part of my family.”