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Ahmed Abd El Mageed | Client Development | Egypt
I start My Coding experience from 8 years as I was developing Visual Basic Projects and Win a lot of competitions while I was in the School , I am an Alumni Microsoft Student Partner, Nokia Developer Champion , MSP Social Media Team at Microsoft Imag...
Akiko Yamanouchi | Client Development | Japan
I hold a Windows store apps community: "Room metro", and a reading of C++ community.
Alessandro Scardova | Client Development | Italy
Alessio Leoncini | Client Development | Italy
I am Software and UX Architect, Interactive Designer about web, mobile, desktop and enterprise .NET applications.I am author and speaker in major conferences in the field of Italian Microsoft.
Alex Casquete | Client Development | Spain
I am a software developer from Barcelona with over 10 years of experiente in main technical industries, such as automotive, financial and legal services. I have been a trainer and consultant for enterprise solutions for the desktop, web and mobile pl...
André Kraemer | Client Development | Germany
Andre is a self employed software developer, instructor and consultant. He's in the it business since 1997 and spend most of those years working with Microsoft technologies. His current main interests are Windows Store Apps, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript a...
André Alves Lima | Client Development | Brazil
André Lima is a brazilian Software Developer living currently in the south of Germany. He has been working since 2005 in developing, deploying and supporting applications based on Microsoft .NET, with international experience since 2008. He is leader...
Andreas Jakl | Client Development | Austria
Andrei Marukovich | Client Development | Canada
Andrej Tozon | Client Development | Slovenia
Andrej is an independent consultant and highly skilled software developer, covering client, mobile and web application development (in that order). Andrej specialized in client solutions development, providing the best user experience for the end use...