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Alex Carp | File System Storage | United States
Alex started professional life working on computer security and malware research. After joining Microsoft he continued his security research work for while before moving on to the File Systems and Storage team where he focused mainly on local file sy...
Cedric GEORGEOT | File System Storage |
Community's actor since many years, he runs a blog about Microsoft technologies, he moderates the Technet forums and regularly participates in events such as Microsoft Days or Microsoft Techdays as a "Ask The Expert". He's also a member of The Intern...
Chon Kit Wong | File System Storage |
Dave Patrick | File System Storage |
I'm an electrician at the largest surface coal mine in the world (Powder River basin in Wyoming) Along with expertise in the various Windows operating systems and VMware I do some Access, SQL server, VB programming along with programming Allen-Bradle...
Dennis Martin | File System Storage | United States
Dennis Martin is the founder and President of Demartek, a computer industry analyst organization with its own ISO 17025 accredited test lab. Demartek focuses on lab validation testing and performance testing of storage and related hardware and softwa...
Derek Schauland | File System Storage |
I am a network administrator for a specialty malting company in Wisconsin officially. I also create content for and do my best to help out in the IT community at when time allows. I enjoy working with comput...
Dilip C. Naik | File System Storage | United States
Dilip worked at Microsoft for over 12 years and has intimate knowledge of the CIFS/SMB 2/3 network file system protocol. Dilip developed and sold Hyper-V IOPS optimization technology and is currently working in the area of interfacing Windows and Hy...
Masahiko Sada | File System Storage | Japan
In the Home Server forum in Japan, I'm usually privately acting as a moderator though I'm businessman who works in the mobile-phone industry.
Masaru Takano | File System Storage |
国内SIerでActiveDirectoryやExchange等の運用設計等の業務を10年くらい行って来ましたが、5年程前よりストレージのメーカに移りストレージとWindowsとの連携について検証や情報発信しています。System Centerまわりは面白い機能がたくさんありますので色々なことを試してみたいですね!
Maxim S Shatskih | File System Storage |
With computers since 15 years old in senior school.With PCs since 17 years old as a student.Professional experience since 20 years old.10 years of experience in NT kernel mode development - from storage ports to FS filters and NDIS drivers....