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Almero Steyn | Forefront Identity Manager |
The Microsoft Identity Management business at Gijima is overseen by Almero which has been working in the information technology industry for the past thirteen years and actively specialising on Microsoft Identity and Access management technologies fo...
Bob Bradley | Forefront Identity Manager | Australia
Bob is a foundation member of The FIM Team. He is one of APAC’s leading FIM design & deployment practitioners and mentors who support the identity management programs of Microsoft and its strategic customers. Bob has extensive expertise and experienc...
Carol Wapshere | Forefront Identity Manager |
Carol is a FIM consultant based in Canberra, Australia. She writes the well-known Miss MIIS blog and is always keen to spread the word about Why Everyone Needs Identity Management. She spent all of the noughties living and working in Europe, where sh...
Craig Martin | Forefront Identity Manager |
Craig Martin, Partner at Edgile, Inc, has spent more than 15 years in the IT industry following his passion for distributed systems management and development. Working as an Identity Management consultant earned him more than half a million air miles...
David Lundell | Forefront Identity Manager |
In 2010 David released a book on Forefront Identity Manager 2010 called "FIM Best Practices Volume 1: Introduction, Architecture And Installation Of Forefront Identity Manager 2010" ( In 2012 he released an updated version for F...
Naohiro Fujie | Forefront Identity Manager | Japan
Naohiro Fujie, Assistant to General Manager at Itochu Techno Solutions, has spent more than 10 years in the IT industry especially in Enterprise Identity and Access Management area. Naohiro is also a core member of OpenID Foundation Japan Enterprise
Paul Adare | Forefront Identity Manager | Canada
Paul Adare is a security consultant specializing in Identity Management, Rights Management, and Public Key Infrastructure deployments. Paul has a wide ranging and varied background including the whole gamut of Microsoft technologies, Lotus Notes, Sun...
Paul Loonen | Forefront Identity Manager | Belgium
Paul is currently working as an IAM Architect for Verizon in Belgium, keeping himself occupied working on all things directory (whether Active or not), identity management and security on the Microsoft platform. Paul is also a founding member of
Søren Granfeldt | Forefront Identity Manager | Denmark
Is the business lead for Identity and Access Management at Inceptio and has been working with Microsoft infrastructure technologies for more that 20 years. His main focus is on Identity Management and Microsoft Infrastructure solutions
Thomas Vuylsteke | Forefront Identity Manager | Belgium
Thomas is a consultant at RealDolmen and based in Belgium. He started his career in virtualization and server deployment 5 years ago. Over the years he shifted his focus to Active Directory and FIM. Not only is he interested in Active Directory, gene...