MVP Spotlight

Lewis Benge

Kinect for Windows
Commerce Server MVP Lewis Benge specializes in multi-channel platform development and has a strong background in eCommerce and retail. He has been actively helping the community get ready for the launch of Windows 8 and, now that it’s here, will probably really have his work cut out for him.
In the run-up to the Windows 8 launch, Lewis has been hands on in the community, traveling to all eight major cities in Australia to present on the Windows 8 Developer Roadshow and showcasing the operating system to local user groups. He also mentored teams at the Imagine Cup and presented Windows 8 content there as well as DDD Sydney and TechEd Australia and New Zealand. Since one of the technologies Lewis evangelizes is NFC (near field communications), and that has become even more prominent in Windows Phone 8, Lewis will likely stay busy in the Windows 8 community in the coming months.
Awarded as an MVP for the past three years, Lewis became active in technical communities when he moved from London to make a fresh start in Sydney four years ago. “I wanted to forge relationships in the local industry so I started to attend events and meet peers and colleagues,” he explained. “From there I got further involved, started presenting at local events, and organizing my own. I love technology, and I enjoy sharing this passion with other people – so when I’m not working I’m usually involved or plotting something somewhere.”
His next big plan comes to fruition this March, when he gets married. He expects to take some time off then, but adds: “I may possibly however organize another DDD event, and attend some user groups if I can’t keep myself away.”
You can connect with Lewis on his blog at or follow him @LewisBenge.