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Chih-Hsin Ou
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Chih-Hsin Ou

Chih-Hsin Ou received his first MVP award in 2009 for his contributions in Visual C#; he was later named Windows Desktop Experience MVP in 2010, Office System MVP in 2011, and Office 365 MVP in 2012. When asked what the driving force was behind his relentless growth and success in different professions, Ou answers, "It was because of my desire to meet new challenges!"
Prior to becoming an MVP, Ou's job involved using MES for operating system development. Since corporate software was commonly developed using Visual C#, a tool unfamiliar to him, he began setting up his own blog to document his learning progress, and actively answered visitors' queries at Microsoft Forums and BlueShop. The exchange of knowledge not only resolved other people's problems, but allowed him to grow over time.
Furthermore, Ou published Microsoft's Easy Fix KB articles as a means of helping more users. He has written more than 128 KB articles since receiving his MVP title and his KB articles have become one of the most popular references for Microsoft employees.
Ou works closely with Microsoft Development Team and contributes in various competitions by formulating questions and reviewing contestants' works. He is also a regular participant and a long-time winner of technical article challenges.
For Chih-Hsin Ou, the most memorable experience about being the MVP was winning the Microsoft Forum Most Popular Award the first time he joined the MVP Open Day. Ou adds, "It was satisfying to be named one of the three most popular users on the forum, given the fact that my involvements were less than one year. I was very happy to know how the Internet population had voted in favor of me, and having me named side-by-side with other two decade-long seniors. That moment gave me the affirmation that I was doing the right thing, and the motivation to keep on sharing within the Microsoft community and helping others."