MVP Spotlight

Michael Kirst-Neshva

Michael Kirst-Neshva has been involved with the community for a long time. He began answering questions in the newsgroups over ten years ago. After giving his first lecture on SharePoint 2010 and Multi Tenancy at a SharePoint conference a few years ago, feedback from participants soon gave him an idea of the level of interest out there for exchanging experience with other users. He decided there and then to start supporting the community. This led to the idea of establishing the virtual user group 'UserGroup Office365' at TechEd 2010 in Berlin, Germany. The user group is a one-stop shop for those looking for information on Office 365 and for those just looking to exchange ideas related to cloud computing. "I enjoy talking about my experiences and helping others with problems. And I really get a kick out of solving problems," says Michael.
Michael currently works as an IT infrastructure architect, implementing and further developing a central SharePoint infrastructure for major clients. He is also a technical consultant and provides support during the presales phase.
Michael was named Office 365 MVP in January 2013. The founder of the German Office 365 user group has made a name for himself as a speaker on cloud services. He is also an active member of the Office 365 community and a daily contributor to other social media channels. What he likes most about the title is the opportunity to support those seeking help and exchange experience in the community. Michael gave his user group a makeover in early 2013 to ensure it could go live to coincide with the launch of the new Office. New forums and groups offer platforms to discuss and debate various Office 365 topics. Michael is looking forward to being able to provide comprehensive support for Office 365, particularly in connection with Microsoft Azure and other hybrid cloud applications. The Office 365 expert is also excited about this year's ShareCamp, which will take place in April. The event is known for lively exchanges between members of the community as all lectures are given by users and everyone is invited and encouraged to contribute, even on short notice.
Being named MVP will stand out as a highlight in Michael's community career. "I was absolutely delighted when I got the e-mail." His first thoughts were, "Wow! Thanks! Cool!" Michael knows he is in for more exciting times ahead, and he is sure to have a few at this year's TechEd Europe event in Madrid, Spain.