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Rodrigo Diaz Concha
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Rodrigo Diaz Concha

When did you become active in community and why?
I started creating my technical blog by writing articles and actively participating in local community meetings in Mexico City, where I am from. My passion for technology and desire to learn led me to consider sharing with others the knowledge that I have acquired and to help solve technical problems, which I find very rewarding.
Tell me a little about your professional work.
I am basically devoted to two things as part of my professional work: I’m a consultant for architecturing and mentoring solutions and secondly, I offer professional training on technologies that use XAML (Windows 8, Windows Phone, Silverlight and WPF). In the first case, I am currently involved in some private projects in Mexico and also in other Latin America countries, building software and innovative solutions to improve how firms work. I do this by joining the development teams of the client firms, helping to define the architecture, design and practical improvements of the solution at hand, apart from developing key parts of those solutions. These solutions are not only for the private sector, but also of public interest and range from solutions for the retail sector to the agricultural and medical sectors. In the case of training, I frequently teach private courses on developing technologies with XAML to companies in the country and abroad.  
Has being an MVP changed the way you work in community?
Definitely, due to the fame of being recognized as a Microsoft MVP, I can reach private, public and governmental institutions, as well as universities in a variety of countries more easily, which would otherwise take a little more time or would simply not be possible. Moreover, the support I have received from Microsoft's subsidiaries in Latin America has been vital for me, helping me to reach out and network with key players.
What are you working on in the community right now?
I’ve just returned from Venezuela where I taught three completely free courses on building applications for Windows 8 in various institutions, as well as participating on the judges' panel at the national final of the Imagine Cup. In addition, I am preparing an extensive series of learning resources for building applications for Windows 8 and also for Windows Phone. I am also planning to provide free online access to part or all of my next book. In addition to all of the above, I also answer as many technical questions as I can, which are sent to me through the different social networks. 
Do you have a favorite MVP moment?
I could mention my participation in the keynote of TechDays Chile 2010, being the speaker before Steve Ballmer in Colombia, being a judge at the final of the Imagine Cup Venezuela 2013 or having my first book in my hands, but nothing compares to being able to get together with all my MVP colleagues and friends at the Summit each year:  the energy you get from MVPs is really incredible.