MVP Spotlight

Ming Chung Chu

Microsoft Azure
Ming-Chung Chu (with the online nickname Xiao Chu) has been participating in the online community since 2001. He was the moderator for the professional certification forum and .NET forums of the Programmer Club. Afterwards, he participated in Microsoft's online discussion activities, where he answered questions related to technical issues. In 2004, he was elected MVP, and he has been the moderator for the MSDN forums since 2006. He currently moderates several forums, including .NET Framework, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, C#, VB, Windows Development, and SQL Server Development forums.
 In 2008, he started he own blog on Dotblogs, and has since accumulated over 470 technical articles and jottings.It has been 10 years since Xiao Chu was elected as Microsoft's Most Valued Professional. He has served as the MVP for technical fields such as SQL Server, Solution Architecture, and ASP.NET. For the past two years, he has been focusing on providing services for cloud computing technology, and was elected the Microsoft Azure MVP for both years.
Currently, Xiao Chu is a software architect who specializes in cloud computing, enterprise system architecture, service platform architecture, Web application development, database application development, and internet application development, etc. At the same time, he is serving as the technical advisor for several companies, as well as a freelance technical instructor who has lectured in large-scale seminars such as Microsoft Tech.days and Microsoft Tech.Ed.
In the online community, Xiao Chu is continuing to assist those who need help in solving technical issues, while promoting cloud development and architecture technologies including Microsoft Azure Platform and related technologies.Xiao Chu is a very enthusiastic MVP who assists internet users in solving issues through blogs and Microsoft forums. Through constantly answering questions, he has continued to accumulate and verify his own technical capabilities, and in turn, help more people in need.
For Xiao Chu, aside from MVP program's resources supporting his activities on technical communities in terms of hardware and software, as an MVP, he has also benefited from communicating with product teams and other MVPs, as it is a pleasure for him to be able to work on networking, meet more fellow technical enthusiasts, and help more communities.