MVP Spotlight

Donma Hsu

Visual C#
With lots of senior experts’ encouragement, Donma Hsu actively started participating in technical community activities in 2010. He was awarded as an MVP in 2011 owing to his continuing efforts and selfless sharing. At first, he focused on Silverlight as his expertise and now he puts more energy into C#. As a blogger and participant in Microsoft events, Donma reaches many people who share his technical interest and has built good relationships with them.
Donma is a developer experience designer at Heeyuki Co, Ltd. He specializes in Arduino human-machine interface and solving project problems. In addition, he has rich experience in Web application development and enterprise system and platform architecture development
Donma greatly supports the MVP Award Program. He shares his experience of participating in technical activities and social media operations at MVP Open Days for the past two years. In the Community Rising Star program, he encourages and guides students with his professional technical experience, and builds close connections with students, demonstrating his positive and enthusiastic attitude as an MVP. 
Donma said, “Being an MVP helps me meet more senior experts and fellows. Communication with MVPs inspires more technical sparks, which enriches the colors of my life. I’ve also made many MVP friends. When I feel disappointed, I rely on their encouragement and have the courage to move on!” 
Donma has developed a Windows Phone app “calendar for IT pros and developers,” inspired by a fun app in illustrated Chinese providing a calendar suggestion for daily life decisions. He used this idea to develop a “calendar for IT pros and developers” for geeks to make their interesting daily technical decisions.
You can find his app here: