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Nino Crudele

Microsoft Integration
The first time Microsoft Integration MVP Nino Crudele came in contact with BizTalk Server was in 2004. His version was the 2002, still an initial version, very different from the one available today, but he immediately understood that Microsoft had the intention of creating a platform dedicated to integration, Nino's great passion. He was in love with BizTalk Server since the first moment.
Microsoft Italy's Roberto Filipelli met him in 2005 and immediately counted on him. Together, they have worked on a lot of projects and Nino has carried out for him hundreds of extremely demanding missions, which allowed him over the years to acquire a very in-depth knowledge of the product.
Also at Microsoft Nino met Alessandro Teglia, at the time community program manager for the MVP Program in Italy and CEE, who introduced him to the MVP Award and communities, making him understand how it would be nice and rewarding to share with others his passion for technology and the world of integration.
Nino has worked exclusively on BizTalk Server for many years, a technology that has always brought him great satisfaction. He had the chance to use every function and explore every aspect of the platform, learning a lot about integration, which has led him in recent years to focus on the future and on hybrid architectures, such as Azure Service Bus, BizTalk Services, and BizTalk On-Premise.
Two years ago, just for fun, he invited via Twitter Dutch BizTalk Server MVP Steef-Jan Wiggersto to come to Italy, in order to eat pizza and tigelle, specialties cooked by Nino directly at his house. Steef-Jan accepted, and this meeting created the opportunity to organize a BizTalk Community event in Italy. In addition to Steef-Jan, three other European BizTalk Server MVPs joined the event: Saravana Kumar (United Kingdom), Sandro Pereira (Portugal) and Tord Glad Nordahl (Norway), thus bringing the "BizTalk Crew" into being.
The BizTalk Crew is for Nino like a second family. He found "four great friends, who share the same passion, but above all the ups and downs of life," and he will "never be grateful enough to the MVP program for giving him the opportunity to meet these people."

What else is the BizTalk Crew? It is a family made ​​up of five people, all MVPs, which organizes events all over Europe, with great passion and sacrifices. Nino has wonderful memories of the times spent with them, which he will never forget, and he is convinced that there will be many more to come.
Nino loves the great MVP family, "even though we are all different, we are all united in one goal: friendship, passion and respect."