MVP Spotlight

Adnan Hendricks

Windows Expert-IT Pro
Windows Expert – IT Pro MVP Adnan Hendricks has been involved in some sort of IT community work since starting out as a developer, and then moving into systems engineering when being an MCSE was still very new. “I believe I started to be active in the community when I became a Microsoft Certified Trainer back in 1995,” Adnan said. “I was always trying to inspire people to follow their passion and develop careers in IT, mainly from a Microsoft perspective,” he continued. Adnan was himself inspired by his mentor (a Microsoft Guru) who is still travelling the world presenting to Microsoft Partners.  A personal setback a few years ago caused Adnan to become less active in the community, and it wasn’t until a colleague asked him to come along one day to a conference where he would be presenting that Adnan remembered how much he enjoy those kinds of activities. It was there and then that he decided to always share his experiences and passion for Microsoft Technologies.
Professionally, Adnan has his own consultancy company, where he performs a number of tasks part time as a freelance trainer and consultant. He also works full time for a Dutch IT company, OGD ICT-Diensten, which has about 800 employees. “As one of the Microsoft Technology Leads, I work for the business development team.” A typical week for Adnan includes training colleagues, working on the product and services portfolio and infrastructure consultancy for clients. “This is a really rewarding job that keeps me on my toes,” said Adnan. He added, “No two days are the same. One day I’m designing a complete IT infrastructure or technical design for System Center Configuration Manager; the next day I may be helping colleagues troubleshoot various technical issues”
Adnan said that being an MVP has certainly opened up a broad audience to which he can share his knowledge and inspire even more people. “It’s like getting a stamp of quality that opens up more opportunities,” he explained.
Adnan is excited to have just finished assisting on the Windows Team at TechEd in Houston. “I love TechEd, and the excitement of attending builds up throughout the year along with the other alumnis and guys in #TheKrewe.”
“I am currently active in a Windows Management User group (WMUGNL), and will be presenting at a number of international conferences throughout the year,” he added. Adnan is also an active blogger and likes to help out people that might have a technical issue on various technical forums online. Along with fellow Windows Expert – IT Pro MVP Peter De Tender, he loves creating excitement in the community for people attending their sessions at different events, including Microsoft TechEd both in North America and Europe. “We even organized a community event at last year’s TechEd Europe and will do so again this year in Barcelona,” said Adnan.
Adnan expressed favorite MVP moment was when he received the email telling him about his MVP Award. “I wish I could explain how awesome it felt….my daughter said I was jumping around like a little girl with excitement and she’s a little seven-year old.” His biggest reward is every time he has the opportunity to present on a topic to see the look on people’s faces when they are learning something new and can’t wait to go and try out the technology themselves!