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Alessandro del Sole

Visual Basic
Visual Basic MVP Alessandro del Sole first started to participate in the Visual Basic Tips & Tricks community back in 2000 when he also started writing code more frequently. Today he is the vice president. At that time he was not an expert, so inside forums he asked many questions and gave very few answers. Then he got more passionate about communities, and as his expertise increased, he could provide more forum replies. To him this was a way of saying “thanks” to all those people who helped him by spending their free time. Then Alessandro started writing articles and opened his blog, which became very popular in a few months. Later he became an MVP, an author of content both in English and in Italian, a speaker and he had an opportunity to do many international activities and collaborate with other communities; all of these things had in common his passion, which remained unchanged over time.
Alessandro works for the Italian Government. Among other activities, he has built departmental applications for internal usage.
Becoming an MVP has certainly enriched his way of working for communities. The MVP Award has brought him into a fantastic world where he finds many interesting people and new friends; it has helped Alessandro discover new opportunities both in Italy and abroad. Without a doubt, being an MVP has increased his reputation across the world, helping him not only to expand his existing community activities, but also to start new experiences with other communities, with Microsoft and some of its partners. As he always says when talking about the MVP Award, “The most important benefit is the opportunity I have of meeting many true and sincere friends, people who not only share the same passion I have for Microsoft technologies but that remain friends in our daily lives.” Therefore, Alessandro likes to consider the MVP group as an extended family.
Together with other MVPs, Alessandro is currently planning the next local events for their community. Also, right now he is writing a new book about Windows Presentation Foundation and he is also busy in writing new apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 with Visual Basic, his favorite programming language; his mission is to show how it can do the same things that other languages can do! Not limited to this, Alessandro is planning to update community content for another portal called LightSwitch Tips & Tricks, in order to align such content with the latest version of Visual Studio LightSwitch.
Choosing one favorite moment as an MVP is not easy for Alessandro: there are many moments that he remembers with emotion. Among these moments, he loves to remember his first MVP Summit in Redmond, where he could see the Microsoft buildings and meet in person members of the Visual Basic team, other Microsoft employees and many MVPs with whom he only had a virtual acquaintance via email. Another special moment has certainly been his first (of four in a row) award as an MVP of the Year, not only because he could meet S. Somasegar, Microsoft corporate vice president of the Developer Division, and other Microsoft executives in person, and because such an award means that many MVPs trusted him very much.