MVP Spotlight

Alvise Cervellati

Windows Expert-Consumer
When he was a child, Windows Expert - Consumer MVP Alvise Cervellati dismantled his Commodore 64 in order to see what was inside; he has always been passionate about technology and science. He has been in touch with the technical community for a long time, from newsgroups to today. “Community is an important source of knowledge and professional experience,” he said.
He has been active in the Microsoft technical community since 2007. Since the beginning, he found in the community a continuous source of inspiration and, most importantly, he found the valuable collaborators and friends still presents in the community today. Alvise explained, "The community helped me to improve myself and awakened in me a new passion, the one of being able to help other people with their computer problems and at the same time broaden my computer knowledge."
Having several years of experience in technical assistance in sales and as a consultant, Alvise has recently created a laboratory computer assistance service which includes assistance for both smartphones and personal computers. He has wide expertise in everything related to the consumer feature experience as well as in consumer and IT Pro security. He started a very successful blog two years ago dedicated to technical staff where he shares his experiences.
Alvise was awarded as an MVP in 2011 in the Windows Expert-Consumer category and this motivated him even more because he had dreamed of it for a long time. Being an MVP has allowed him to broaden his horizons and participate in important local conferences and events, such as the Windows Professional Conference. It has also allowed him to help others to expand their technical knowledge and sometimes to meet them in person. Alvise recalled, "I remember the first time I went to the Microsoft headquarters in Peschiera Borromeo (Italy). It was a difficult journey for me to get there since the office is not very centrally located. But the sacrifice was worth it when I arrived: I had the opportunity to meet many colleagues in person, even if at the time of the presentation I was very nervous. It was a chance that I will never forget, since it made me grow in a personal and professional way!”
In addition to his computer skills in the consumer sector, Alvise is now beginning to develop applications for Windows Phone. At the same time he is committed to the creation of more wiki articles that will be useful to the entire community, helping people to quickly solve problems. Last but not least, he is finalizing a book dedicated to the Windows OS for consumer users.
One of the most important things for Alvise of being an MVP is having the opportunity to interact with Microsoft representatives, other community members as well as computer users and IT Pros.
Alvise believes these years as an MVP have been an important opportunity to hone his technical skills and be able to grow professionally with the support of friends and colleagues within the same community, thus having the opportunity to work with passion and keep it going every day.