MVP Spotlight

Ed Horley

Windows Expert-IT Pro
United States
A principal solutions architect at Groupware Technology, 15+ year veteran of IT and an MVP since 2004, Windows Expert—IT Pro MVP Ed Horley believes IT professionals need to be positioned for what’s coming next in technology.
“As MVPs, we have an opportunity to help shift the paradigm and pave the way for IT pros to think more about apps and working with developers, moving more vertically up the stack, what it takes to build an agile infrastructure and creating an environment for rapid development and testing,” explained Ed.
Those ideas were central to the Cloud OS MVP Roadshow event Ed ran last year in San Francisco, which had exceptionally high attendance and satisfaction ratings. “I’ve been working with Microsoft product teams since the Vista days,” said Ed. “As MVPs, we can get some early access to the technology, but we also have the opportunity to get up-to-date content and participate in great conversations. As Microsoft continues to develop as a devices and services company, services are being delivered in a new way and IT pros need those skillsets.”
Those themes come up often in the popular user group Ed runs in the San Francisco Bay Area,, where monthly meetings average 85 – 100 participants. In addition, Ed is actively involved in IPv6, serving as the co-chair of the California IPv6 Task Force and the North American IPv6 Task Force. Ed is the author of the recently published Practical IPv6 for Windows Administrators from Apress, and will speaking on how IPv6 impacts Microsoft Private Cloud deployments at Tech-Ed North America 2014.
Ed also tries to make it a point to come and engage with the broader Microsoft community each year at the MVP Global Summit. “It’s a perk to be able to do that and a privilege too,” he said. One of his favorite Summit moments came last year, when Windows Expert—IT Pro MVP Ed Bott shared this photo of the “FourEdedMonster,” including himself, Ed, Windows Expert—IT Pro MVP Ed Gallagher and Remote Desktop Services MVP Ed Liberman, drawn at the 2013 MVP Global Summit Attendee Party.