MVP Spotlight

Mark Kreuzer

Mark Kreuzer is widely known for his “Living without paper” experiment. His three-month experiment, in which he attempted to abandon paper completely and instead relied on SkyDrive, Windows phone, his Tablet and OneNote, gained mass media attention and made it to numerous leading TV and radio channels, as well as newspapers.  
Mark’s community activities are closely connected with his enthusiasm for tablets: during his first studies Mark discovered OneNote – luckily his father had bought one of the first tablets. Just shortly after Mark began to pass on his knowledge of and enthusiasm for OneNote to his fellow students.

His community commitment increased when he became a Microsoft Student Partner, and after he started his own blog Here he shares articles and media of all kinds.
Mark works as a mechanical engineer in a family business where he is responsible for the technical management. "My involvement in the community is what I love do to for fun; it is my hobby. At the moment I am founding a start-up with some friends in the educational sector. The idea is based on OneNote: our goal is paperless schools. Surface Pro is proving that there is still so much to learn about working productively with tablets,” Mark explained, talking about what’s next on his agenda.
After being awarded as an MVP, a lot changed for Mark, however his commitment to community remained consistently high. For example he still regularly posts on his blog. As a speaker he gives presentations in front of students, as well as for businesses.

Because of the great relationship between MVPs and the OneNote product team, Mark is first to know before anything exciting is announced. "The MVP Award proves that Microsoft values my work, and people have more respect for what I am doing,” Mark stated.
Mark is planning a webcast series at the moment. "With my How to Videos I want to demo the numerous possibilities OneNote offers. I always notice how excited people are when they find out what you can do with OneNote,” reported Mark.
Mark received his second MVP Award just recently. Despite this short period of time he has already experienced great moments in the MVP community. Mark particularly appreciates how connected the MVP community is. Whenever he faces a problem, he gets excellent responses from his peers in a short time. Of course attending his very first MVP Summit in Redmond and meeting all the other MVPs and the One Note product group remains unforgotten. "You feel very small, when you see how huge the Microsoft campus in Redmond is," Mark added.