MVP Spotlight

Mourad Louha

Excel MVP Mourad Louha has been contributing to various technical communities for Microsoft Office for more than ten years. Exciting discussions about current and new technologies, the exchange of knowledge with others, contributing to solutions for Excel problems and last but not least, the fun and joy of using Excel are motivating Mourad every day to be active in the community.
Mourad was awarded with the MVP Award for the first time in January 2011, and since then has been re-awarded each year. Through the MVP Award, new possibilities and opportunities opened up for him: for example, contact with the product teams has given him the opportunity to give feedback to the product teams and many different opportunities to engage in projects allowed him to contribute to making products better. Participating in MVP events allowed him to exchange knowledge with other MVPs, meet Microsoft employees and lots of interesting people --- some of whom have become Mourad’s good friends.
Over time, Mourad launched his own community projects together with friends. Some of these projects became known on an international level, like his Excel planner for the Soccer World Cup 2010 in South Africa or his project for the translation of Excel formulas. The Excel-Translator provides an online tool to translate Excel formulas from one language to another for all of the languages that are available in Microsoft Excel. Additionally, the website offers a reference for the translations of each Excel function. Available in six languages, about 1,000 users a day currently visit the website.
Besides these activities, Mourad writes articles on his blog and occasionally for German computer magazines. He also published his first book in January 2014 about Excel VBA Programming. Mourad also engages in various events organized by Microsoft, the most recent one was a Live Webcast about the end of support for Windows XP and Office 2003, which took place in May 2014. Mourad participated as an expert.
Professionally, Mourad works as a freelance developer and consultant for Excel solutions. He focuses on the design and implementation of Microsoft Excel VBA applications for small to medium-sized businesses. His solutions also include Excel atypical tasks, such as his Excel application for managing and creating standardized type plates for machines and synchronization of the data through worldwide distributed production plants.
Mourad is currently working on several community projects. In addition to the expansion of his German Forum on Office365 and Office 2013, there is one project which is particularly close to his heart: the development of a multilingual wiki for Excel. The main goal of this project is to provide a free platform with top quality and practice-oriented content about Excel, VBA and more topics.
One favorite MVP moment Mourad remembers? “Picking out a single moment would be too little,” said Mourad, “There were many moments: the indescribable feeling to receive the award for the first time. The happiness to be re-awarded each and every time after that. An event I will remember as a very positive experience was my first MVP Community Open Day in Munich, where I also made new friends.”