MVP Spotlight

Olivier Matis

Visual C#
Olivier began his career in Java and ASP. The launch of the platform. NET, in the early 2000s, sparked his interest. After focusing as an "amateur" to this platform, he decided to strike out on his own and becoming a .NET freelance specialist.
"At this time, I was still doing everything. ASP.NET, WinForms, Compact Framework. It was the. NET 1.0 period, which has almost nothing to do with the current. NET. Think about it: there was no generics for example! Do not even talk about Linq or lambda expression. Now, you have to specialize. Web, Windows Client, you cannot master everything. "
Olivier being more Windows development customer-oriented, the year 2006 was a revelation for him with the release of WPF. He immediately saw the enormous potential of XAML, the new language for the creation of interface.
"For the first time, I saw a way to create a user interface that gave me almost a complete freedom. The possibilities are endless. But it requires adding another string to his bow, the one of designer»
Consequently, Silverlight has interested Olivier and a new revelation was following the one of Windows Phone and the new Windows user interface.
"As soon as I saw the presentation of Windows Phone Microsoft design style, I was swept away. It is clean and modern and my first question was: where can I buy this phone? "
Olivier works exclusively on projects in XAML, with the role of architect / lead developer. He also evangelizes Windows Phone as much as possible. He educates developers on the importance of the design and the use of Blend. Olivier has the title of Nokia Developer Champion.
Since that, Olivier has closely monitored the developments, including participation in all the / / Build / conferences. "The first Build was epic! The presentation of the new Windows. In addition, the tablet we received. At this time, there was no Windows 8 tablets. Therefore, I had one-step ahead with this beautiful gift! "
The Olivier’s community involvement began coming back from one TechEd. His first participation in a big event allowed him to meet the stakeholders of the Community who gave him the desire to invest himself in the activities. It was a long time that Oliver wanted to dedicate time to the community but something was going wrong. "I was afraid not being at the same level of the people I was following. But I realized that the matter was to share, simply share."  Olivier think it is not always necessary to write a 20 000 words article of very high technical level to mean share but we need all, accessible to all the levels. An article for beginners is useful as far as a very technical section. Important is never hesitate to share experiences, problems and how they were resolved, or even the ideas we have had because it will always interest someone. A community is this: sharing his knowledge.
Become an MVP has not fundamentally changed the way of work of Oliver, but it has evolved. He continues to write articles and help in the forums. Now he has a privileged channel with Microsoft teams. "This is the big advantage of the program. We have a channel with product teams. Moreover, it is in both directions. They show us what they are working on, and we give them our feedbacks. ". This allows Olivier to have experience on the new upcoming products as soon as they are launched and make him able to help the community.
Olivier added a new string to his bow: Organizer of events. "The idea came when I saw that the MVP Phone was organizing the WP Week and there were no Belgian steps! It was important to correct this!” Appreciating the teamwork, he spoke with others people, Renaud Dumont and Matthieu Vandenhende, both MVPs and Kévin Rapaille, who joined him. “With them, the rapport was immediate. We have the same way of seeing things."  Mobile Dev Day ( was born and took place on December 12 in Mons (Belgium). The event was a success. "We had the participation of Rudy Huyn and Samuel Blanchard with Windows Phone sessions; David Catuhe and David Rousset from Microsoft France were also present, as David Hernie and Jan Tielen from Microsoft Belgium. With such team of speakers, the success was guaranteed». The whole team of Mobile Dev Day already work on the future, with the only aim to do even better.
There are two special MVP moments for Olivier. One is the announcement of his entry into the program. "I danced around my PC. Seeing my talent, I must have looked like some sort of mad! "The other is the fact of being mentioned on a thanks slide during the keynote of the last MVP Summit. »Being on a MVP Summit slide: it is done! It is a great pleasure. I helped the team of Visual Studio on a particular point and I seen that is something they really estimate and appreciate. It really gives me the impression of teamwork. They can always count on me. "