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Tomokazu Kizawa
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Tomokazu Kizawa

Windows Expert-IT Pro
Windows Expert IT-Pro MVP Tomokazu Kizawa has been working as an influencer for Windows-based Microsoft products, focusing on “introducing Microsoft technology and products in an easy, enjoyable way.” These days he’s most interested producing podcasts as his core Microsoft MVP activity.
Tomokazu started his own podcast program in August 2009. At that time there were plenty of developer podcast programs. Most of them were featuring Apple products and Microsoft products were not as recognized within the podcast community. While listening to fun, entertaining Mac or iPhone programs, he started to think “Microsoft has so many exciting technologies and products, they should be included.” Then he took action. “When I do podcasting, I feel as if we create ‘community’ with listeners and podcaster buddies. Actually, it works like that.”
Tomokazu also actively engages in the developer community .NET LAB. He first joined its workshop in November 2009 aiming to expand his knowledge of software development, and began to think, “If I want to get information, then should I give my own information first?” So he began to provide sessions himself.
Tomokazu explained, “Not everyone understands each and every basic concept.” So he is always trying to focus on “re-studying very fundamental basics of Microsoft products / technology” during his sessions or podcasting. As a result, it is received pretty well by Apple-favorable podcast listeners saying, “I got interested in Microsoft product which I was not familiar with so far.” (Tomokazu is also able to learn more about competitive products.) Microsoft community attendees feel the same, re-discovering something about Windows utilization or consumer-targeted services such as SkyDrive through Tomokazu’s sessions.
Tomokazu is working as a software developer for security systems. With a background in customer support, he understands a wide range of tasks so he is called a “multi-use” IT engineer. He met a Microsoft evangelist at a community workshop and was recommended to apply for the MVP Award when they talk about Tomokazu’s podcasting.
“Since I became an MVP, I find myself becoming more careful to be precise and clear about what to say as a podcaster or speaker, based on correct, deep knowledge.” Tomokazu is challenging himself to present compelling ideas in introducing Microsoft products, so his attendees can understand the features easily and be more satisfied.
“It is great pleasure when podcast listeners or workshop attendees tell me, ‘I didn’t understand for a long time, but it became clear today!’” he said. “Also, highly skilled developers tell me that ‘I have development skills, but did not know how to make use of it. I learned so much!’ These are my favorite moments as an MVP: people in different fields sharing knowledge, thus elevating skills in one another.”
Tomokazu hopes to continue communication with users to show some exciting stories of Microsoft products and technologies. “(To be) a Microsoft MVP is not a goal. I would suggest to future MVPs that they don’t make it the purpose. Good results surely follow, only if you share your information with others and continue your activity diligently!”