MVP Spotlight

Trevor Sullivan

United States
“Thinking unconventionally, acting unconventionally, is a good thing. You don’t have to follow anyone else’s set path. If you’re passionate, and willing to learn, there are a huge number of free resources to help you achieve your goals,” Trevor Sullivan.
Newly-awarded PowerShell MVP Trevor Sullivan doesn’t remember when he first became aware that there were exceptional people out in the community. But, once he did, he began aspiring to become a Microsoft MVP.
“It didn’t come right away,” remembered Trevor, “But that was okay. I was happy with my community work. Since becoming an MVP last April, I have noticed an increased sense of leadership. I find myself serving more as a mentor.”
“I encourage people to find their own paths,” he explained. “There are so many good resources out there, including free training. For instance there’s Scott Hanselman’s blog, the Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover Show on Channel 9 and the Microsoft Virtual Academy. If you’re not taking advantage of freely available community resources, you have no excuse for not being ahead in the industry. You have to make time for the things that are important to you.”
“I’ve always been passionate about new technologies and helping people understand them,” Trevor continued. “The technology isn’t the end goal. It’s about helping better people’s lives—do more in less time, especially with PowerShell.”
That was part of his message when we appeared recently in Chicago as part of the MVP Cloud Roadshow: Server and Tools. (You can read more about the global event on this site.) He presented to IT professionals about the benefits of migrating off outdated platforms and moving to Windows Server 2012 R2, as well as participated in a Q&A session.
In addition to serving as a presenter, Trevor is active on social media and tweets just about every day. He’s met quite a few MVPs across the globe on Twitter, as well as on Facebook, Skype and in the private email conversations MVPs share with Microsoft product teams. He’s looking forward to meeting more members of the broader MVP community when he participates in his first MVP Global Summit this November, which also will mark his first visit to Microsoft’s world headquarters in Redmond.
Trevor is a co-author of Windows PowerShell Deep Dives.
Technology Tip
While Trevor is a passionate Windows PowerShell MVP, he also evangelizes the benefits of the Microsoft Azure public cloud. Leveraging the Microsoft Windows platform has never been cheaper or easier, and automated management of cloud resources using PowerShell puts the icing on the cake.