MVP Spotlight

Paul Robichaux

Exchange Server
United States
"The award itself adds a nice dash of credibility with customers, but the biggest benefit has been the broad exposure to product teams at Microsoft and other MVPs. That cross-pollination is irreplaceable,” says Paul Robichaux, who has been an Exchange Server MVP since 2002.
Paul describes himself as a “professional explainer” and currently works as a content author for Acuitus, a company specializing in the creation of digital tutors. “That’s a short way to encapsulate all the different writing, teaching, and consulting work that I do.”  Paul also devotes his time as a senior contributing editor for the Windows IT Pro magazine, as a published author, and an Exchange and Lync consultant.
"Exchange Server is super powerful, but there’s a lot to know to use it effectively. I was awarded as an MVP because I was so enthusiastic about spreading knowledge on how to get the most out of Exchange,” comments Robichaux, who has been awarded as an MVP for the last 10 years and has secondary specializations in Lync and enterprise security.
When asked about key projects and memories during his decade as an MVP, Paul replies, “Wow, there are too many to count—having beignets with the Exchange MVPs at Café du Monde in the French Quarter (in New Orleans), watching Rajesh Jha, CVP of Exchange, be pelted with tough questions at Summit, and getting early insight into where the Exchange, Windows, and Office product lines are going would probably be my top three.”
Robichaux has been working in the IT industry since 1978, when he got his first paying programming job. Since then, his career has taken him on some interesting adventures, including writing compilers for computers used in submarines and repairing Marine helicopters. As an MVP, Paul has been a leader for many projects, specifically launching the MVP-to-MVP series, where program members present best practices to their peers. Paul himself started off the series with his presentation, Getting Started: Becoming an Author. He hopes that his series will empower other MVPs to become more successful, as well as create a supportive community.
"There’s always something new to learn. If you have a healthy curiosity and initiative, it’s impossible to be bored!” answers Robichaux, when asked what his inspiration in life is. In addition to expanding his own horizon, Paul continues to inspire others as he’s written several books including an Exchange Server Cookbook with O’Reilly and Secure Messaging with Exchange 2003 through MS Press. His latest Exchange Server 2013 publication will be released soon.
"Be well and do good work,” says Paul, who been around for half the life of the MVP Award, which celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year. Well-seasoned to offer encouragement to fellow MVPs and through his inspiring projects, work and lifetime as an MVP, Paul Robichaux himself is a fine example of living well and doing good work.