Windows Phone Development MVPs Connect the Community
Thursday, April 25, 2013
As leaders in the technical community, Windows Phone Development MVPs often set the benchmark in the industry.
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As Microsoft Windows Phones continue to grab attention around the world, the chances are you’ll find a Windows Phone Development MVP nearby. This is a highly active, close-knit community that seems to be everywhere at once. They’re helping enhance how people use their phones and working with developers to help them make the most of the Windows Phone platform. The result is a richer, more enjoyable experience for Windows Phone devotees everywhere.
Last year alone, Windows Phone Development MVPs shared their passion and technical expertise through their blogs and websites, reaching more than 2,600,000 people. In fact, Microsoft senior product marketing manager Desiree Lockwood (profiled in the Community Champs section of this site), estimates just 35 Windows Phone Development MVPs helped three million people last year.
Right now, Windows Phone Development MVPs in Central and Eastern Europe and Italy rack up more than 20,000 blog visitors each month. Windows Phone Development MVPs in China currently have more than 16,000 social media fans.
In addition to their far-reaching online presence, Windows Phone Development MVPs are out in the community, speaking at conferences and delivering real-world answers, one-on-one. Last year they reached an estimated 23,700 conference attendees and hosted 24 training opportunities for an additional 19,000 attendees.
As leaders in the technical community, Windows Phone Development MVPs often set the benchmark in the industry. This month, Windows Phone Development MVP Rudy Huyn won the Windows Phone Next App Star contest, beating out 9,000 other submissions with his Wikipedia app. And Windows Phone Development MVP Atley Hunter  (featured in the MVP Spotlights section) is poised to reach the 200 app mark—on both Windows Phone and Windows 8!
Windows Phone Development MVP Den Delimarsky recently built a mobile app that takes advantage of a new feature released on Windows Phone 8 that allows third-party applications to change the device lockscreen image. It was a weekend project that turned into a Coding4Fun project when Microsoft  Channel 9 technical evangelist Clint Rutkas teamed up with Den to highlight it.