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Jen Stirrup

( Jennifer Stirrup )

United Kingdom
Jen has 20 years experience in the tech industry delivering Azure, Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualisation and Business Intelligence projects.


Jen is best-known for her work in Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation, Big Data and Diversity in Tech, and has 20 years experience in the tech industry delivering Artificial Intelligence. Jen has delivered Azure Architecture Business Intelligence projects in the UK and in Europe for a range of clients from very small startups right through to global household names.  Recently she has specialised in moving BI to the cloud.

In 2016, Jen has spoken to more than 10,00 people at both small and large community events in three continents: India, Europe and the US. The highlight was assisting Joseph Sirosh (CVP, Microsoft Data) at PASS keynote with an AzureML demo
Busy year in 2017 with large and small professional and community speaking engagements in Canada, Belgium, UK and Ireland

Jen is a firm believer in data-driven leadership using accessible Microsoft solutions, for both small and large organisations. She is also a believer in learning by helping others, so Jen helps small businesses and startups to learn about the benefits of cloud and the business value of data at local events in London and Hertfordshire. In order to hone her own data-driven leadership skills, Jen has been a Non-Executive Director on the PASS Board for four years, spearheading Business Analytics, Virtual Groups (online) and Special Projects. Jen is also completing her MBA at the University of Hertfordshire, in order to add academic expertise to her practical experience of running her own business for 7 years.

Jen believes in the next generation of leaders, and she assists academic institutions with Data Science and Data Visualisation education (UCL, University of Washington).
Jen is interested in Big Data, and has presented conference sessions and workshops as well as writing and publishing prolifically on DocumentDB, Hadoop, HDInsight and SQL Server. 

Jen's interests also extend to cloud computing, and she has recently written an article on mobile business intelligence. One of Jen's projects for the NHS was featured on the BBC website, and you can read the article here:

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