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Arabic, English, Arabic
B.Sc , M.Sc. , PMP, PMI-RMP, MVP

Mohamed Taher Arafa

( Mohamed Taher Arafa )

United Arab Emirates
Officena Forum has around 184K+ members and 567K+ Posts Mainly Covering Technical Support and Programing related to MS-Office Products ( In the Arabic Language)


Founder and Moderator for officena , an arabic peer to peer Ms-office support forum.
Awarded MVP-Office Systems on 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, & 2014

B.Sc.. Civil Engineering, M.Sc. ,DBA,  PMP , PMI-RMP , MVP
29+ years of experience, working in Project Management,  with well-known Contractors, Developers, Management firms, and Governmental Agencies in Egypt, Qatar, and UAE.

Currently Chief Specialist - Project and Program Management- RTA - Dubai - UAE