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Carlos Milan Figueredo

Cloud Transformation Regional Lead at Avanade & SysOp at HispaMSX BBS


I'm the kind of engineer that makes of technology a lifestyle and passion, transmitting it to everyone around me. With extensive experience as evangelist, ITpro and Technical Sales Professional; I enjoy studying, developing and playing with technology. I led Microsoft cloud business in Spain Education Sector with Live@edu and Office 365, performing pre-sales consultant and partner instructor roles. This work had great impact fostering customers/partners business and services.

Currently, I'm Cloud Transformation Regional Lead at Avanade, dedicated to delivering advanced solutions leveraging powerful features of Microsoft Azure, Containers, Office 365 and identity, integrating them with corporate environments. I write frequently at about the challenges and unusual pieces of knowledge I find in my projects.

I'm also a big retrocomputing fan, talking and evangelizing about the 8-bit MSX computers wherever I go. My personal website, is dedicated to this vintage computer, hosting one of the few BBS with FidoNet access that remains operational in Spain. If you want to give a try, just telnet to!

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