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Vitor Pereira

( Meriat )

Lisbon, Lisbon
Data science & Machine Learning Engineer at ESX


Vitor is a computer scientist who is passionate about creating software that will positively change the world we live in.

Currently, he works as Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer at ESX, where he is helping to shape new disruptive services based in Cloud Computing, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Vitor is a frequent speaker at conferences in Brazil, including QCon, IoT Weekend, TDC, Azure Summit and more. He was chosen a MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) in 2016 as a recognition of her contribution to the Microsoft community.

Consulting engagement leadership including cloud strategy, cloud reference architectures, big data, cloud application migration, cloud data management, hybrid cloud, IaaS/PaaS/SaaS, high availability/scalability architectures on cloud.

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