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Dawuda Iddrisu

Accra, Greater Accra Region
Chief Technology Officer | Microsoft AI Most Valuable Professional | Ambassador at | Director of Engineer | Full Stack Software Engineer | Speaker


Dawuda Iddrisu is a full-stack software developer with over seven  (7) years experience. He is a B.Sc. graduate in Information Technology and former President of the Computer Science Society of the University for Development Studies (UDS). 

He is passionate about creating innovative products and changing lives with his soft and technical skills by organizing training programs and workshops that empower other developers and non-developers to think out of the box. In 2019, while still at the University, he served as a Microsoft Gold Learn Ambassador and his activities as an ambassador earned him the Outstanding Microsoft Student Partner EMEA Award. Three years in a row, in 2020, 2021 and 2023, he received the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award (MVP Award) in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Due to his drive and ambition, Dawuda started a technology and media startup called Techloud in 2015 even though he was an undergraduate. His on-campus capacity building activities for students won him the Influential Student of the Year and the Discovery of the Year at the 2019 NUGS Excellence Award.

He has gained other work experience in the tech space by working for a software development company called Effect Studios. He is also an ambassador at AI Gaming and a board member at the Global AI Community. Dawuda is a great public speaker and event organizer, capable of planning and budgeting, marketing and team management. Due to his empathetic nature, he has a knack for identifying the problem-solving potential in others. He is selfless and contributes to the best interest of all the organizations and teams he has worked with. He is truly a great and passionate leader, very good at what he does and provides opportunities and support to others whenever he can. He is a technical trainer and technology expert who readily shares his knowledge with his community.

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