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Bill Wagner
United States
Author, Trainer, Developer. Helping people build better software.
Bill Wagner is one of the world's foremost C# developers and a member of the ECMA C# Standards Committee. He is President of the Humanitarian Toolbox, has been awarded Microsoft Regional Director and .NET MVP for 10+years,  and was recently appointed to the .NET Foundation Advisory Board. Wagner currently works with companies ranging from start-ups to enterprises improving the software development process and growing their software development teams. 

As a thought leader on the C# programming language, Bill Wagner has authored 2 books; a best seller, "Effective C#", and "More Effective C#". Bill authors video training through Microsoft Virtual Academy on C# and .NET development. Bill has also written hundreds of technical articles (MSDN Magazine, .NET Developers Journal, Visual Studio Magazine, and many others), as well as actively blogs here at
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