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Red Gate "Exceptional DBA of 2011"

Jeff Moden

( Jeff Moden )

United States


Jeff Moden is a mostly self-taught Sr. Application and Systems DBA working with SQL Server and T-SQL.  He is an active member of with more than 71,300 posts (as of March 2017) and 33 mostly 5 star articles where he coined the acronym "RBAR", which he says, "is pronounced 'ree-bar' and is a 'Modenism' for Row-By-Agonizing-Row".  "RBAR" and his favorite SQL tool, the "Tally Table", have become well known acronyms across the globe in recent years.

Jeff's specialty is writing high performance SQL Server database code.  In his current position as the Senior DBA, he is personally responsible for the reduction of nearly 80 Trillion Logical reads and more than 50 hours of CPU time previously expended on a daily basis.  Acting as the resident SQL Mentor and Primary Code Reviewer, he has taught others his techniques both in in-house courses and during code reviews resulting in the conversion of multiple RBAR processes, which used to take hours to complete, to set-based processes now measured in minutes.  He has also assisted the Web Developers in reducing the resources used by code hit tens of thousands of times per day with CPU and duration reductions from 2.5 seconds per hit to sometimes less than a millisecond.

Jeff is a true public servant and readily shares his knowledge.  He participates in and has spoken at the “SPID” (SQL PASS IN DETROIT), Cleveland, and the new Lansing PASS Chapters.  He has also spoken at the 2010 pass summit (paid his own way), many SQLSaturdays, has taught many in-house courses for the companies that he has worked for, and continues his activities in these areas at his own expense.  Jeff also provides uncompensated advisor and mentor services (he says it’s “good for the economy”)to two struggling local companies, assists local recruiters to develop  interview skills concerning SQL Server, and continues to be the 2nd most frequent poster of all time on SQLServerCentral, all while working his regular full time job.

Jeff won the Navy Achievement award for his teaching in the service and created a 200 hour computer assisted diagnostics course as part of his shore duty, all of which have served him well as a regular SQLSaturday speaker.  He also won the RedGate "Exceptional DBA" award for 2011.