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Client Development, Silverlight, Visual C#
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MVP of the year 2013

MVP of The Year 2009

Dave Campbell
Dave Campbell is a Microsoft stack UI developer working on a virtual team for a company in Minneapolis from the sunny comfort of Phoenx, Arizona. Dave's first code was written in 1967, but the real work started after a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering in 1975 and 1977 respectively. Independently of the platform or language, Dave always gravitated toward the User Interface, therefore Windows UI was a logical progression, and with a 5-year excursion with Silverlight, now into Windows 8/WinRT applicatio. Dave is better known by his site name which is WynApse. WynApse came about when there was a distinction made between DOS-Apps and Win-Apps. You can find a steady stream of Silverlight Articles and Tutorials on Dave's blog at has become a staple of daily reading for many developers because of the (almost) daily blog posts originating there. All the articles from the blog are archived, tagged, and made searchable. Dave is an active member of (Arizona .NET User Groups), one of the largest and most active user group communities in the country. Dave also is the owner of vNext Phoenix, the first Arizona User Group dedicated solely to The next tech. Dave also maintains the User Group Meetup Site at In February of 2010, Dave was awarded co-Silverlight MVP of the Year for 2009 along with Laurent Bugnion.
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