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Client Development
Intérêts techniques :
Client App Dev, Microsoft Azure, Visual C#
Norwegian, English
Einar Ingebrigtsen
I am an eager software developer with a varied background. For many years I worked in the gaming industry and worked on platforms such as Playstation, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Xbox and Windows/DirectX. In 2002 I changed "profession" to doing enterprise application development. My heart has been close to Microsoft technologies through all years. My favorite programming languages these days are C# and JavaScript. Also worked with Java and a lot with C++, to mention but a few. I also love being involved with developer community work, and is the chairman of Game Camp ( and NNUG Vestfold Chapter ( Author of Balder, 3D engine for Silverlight : Co-author of Bifrost, enterprise application framework : Co-author of Forseti, headless JavaScript test runner : Author of Yggdrasil, IoC Container for WinRT / Windows 8 Store Apps : More details about my background can be found at: I blog at the following locations:
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