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Anders Olsson | Forefront | Suède
Today the customer’s challenges are to protect sensitive information and critical systems. By building solutions with Rights Management (AD RMS), IPSec (SDI), BitLocker, AppLocker and several other Microsoft products I meet the customer’s needs. ...
Christian Groebner | Forefront |
Hallo liebe ISA Gemeinde :-).Begonnen hat bei mir alles mit einem C-64, auf dem ich meine ersten Erfahrungen mit der Welt der EDV gemacht habe, danach folgte ein Amiga 500 mit 500 KB Speichererweiterung. So hangelte ich mich später von einem 286
Dieter Rauscher | Forefront |
Dieter is a German IT administrator and consultant for a Munich-based venture capital company. He also publishes the independent German-language ISA Server FAQ Web site (, co-authored several books in German language (including books
HIEU DAO | Forefront | Vietnam
I has worked as an CIO.I’m an Administrator of MCTHub (, MSOpenLab (, Nhat Nghe ICT (, and Moderator of HVAOnline ( has eight years of experience in the field networking, s...
Lionel Leperlier | Forefront | France
Security consultant since 2013 at AZEO. I work on edge protection project with UAG, TMG and DirectAccess. Also for internal network with FPE, FPSP and FPSMC. And finaly on AD CS and NPS specific needs.
Marc Grote | Forefront | Allemagne
Hi, my Name is Marc Grote (Pseudonym Jens Baier). I was born in 1972. I'm working as a freelance consultant and Microsoft Trainer for above 19 years. I have over 25 years IT experience in several technologies and enterprises. I'm specialised in Micro...
Tom Decaluwe | Forefront |
Born in 1978, as the first of 2 boys born from the same mother on the same day and almost the same time, I started my younger years living in both Belgium and the US. I was passionated by IT from a very young age moving from game playing to coding