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Cloud and Datacenter Management
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Dana Epp
Dana Epp is the Founder, CTO and Chief Security Architect at Scorpion Software, where he leads his team to solve the obvious problems with passwords that others ignore. He has spent the last 20 years focusing on software security and has been awarded the recognition and designation by Microsoft as an Enterprise Security MVP for the past eight consecutive years. His latest research has been on strong authentication and identity assurance designed for practical use in small business.

As a serial entrepreneur, he has helped build companies to deliver embedded firewalls, host-based intrusion prevention systems, password management systems and two factor authentication solutions on top of a wealth of supporting security technologies that protect everything from critical infrastructure and policing organizations to small businesses down the street. When he isn’t working or touring around the world to speak about information security, you can find him having fun with his Internet film studio that produces web based TV shows like