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Todd Allcock

United States


My experience with mobile Windows-based devices goes back to the turn of the century (who ever thought we'd get to use THAT phrase!) and a Casio E-100.  Over a decade and a dozen devices later, any "expertise" I may have comes from a combination of "learning the hard way" and the selfless efforts of the Mobile Devices MVPs.  I am very proud to have been asked to join them as a Mobile Devices MVP, and hope to live up to their high standards, helping others leverage this amazing technology as I have done.
As a small retail business owner (small business, that is; at 6' 3" and 300 lbs. I, unfortunately, don't qualify as "small!"), I wanted to use mobile devices to allow myself the ability to work away from the office and spend more time with my family, yet have the same abilities and capabilities as if I were behind my desk.  Over the years, Microsoft's Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, and now Windows Phone 7 has allowed me to do that.  From storing reference data, having customer, vendor, and product information at my fingertips, or allowing remote access to my office PC and staying connected from virtually anywhere on the planet, Windows Phone makes the oft-spoken, but not oft-realized, cliche of "taking your office anywhere" a reality.

In addition to the Microsoft Answers forums, you can find me helping users in the alt.cellular.* Usenet newsgroups and HowardForums, contributing to,or helping mobile phone sales pros at